Agency Strength

As of August 2020, we have about 450 negotiators performing daily sales activity.

We treat agents like clients

We recognize our agents for the tremendous salespeople they are, and we allow them to be just that. Rather than force additional functions on them, we’ve assembled a dedicated agent operations team to work with each agent on a one-to-one basis and liaise with the company’s marketing and strategy teams on their behalf — including listing photography and technology tutorials, our agents have dedicated assistance from the minute they arrive.

Because we only hire the best agents, we have fewer of them, which allows us to deliver more personalized service. This, in turn, attracts even more exceptional agents and sets a self-perpetuating cycle into motion.

Our hands-on approach also allows us to troubleshoot personnel issues before they begin. Rather than retroactively address problems, we consistently survey our agents on what more we can to do make their day-to-day operations seamless and efficient.

In the process, we flag and address issues that might otherwise compel them to leave us eventually. Ultimately, we view our agents as invaluable members of our team — not as a rotating sequence of dollar signs. Because we invest so thoroughly in recruiting, we naturally fight harder to keep them.

We listen and adapt

What’s the primary reason agents join us? They want to be a part of something great. Agents are building Compass from the ground up — their feedback and input is valued and heard.

They join committees and focus groups and take time from their days to lend their expertise and insights to our continued efforts. At every touch point, we are dedicated to making the agent experience best in class.

And by extracting these insights directly, every resulting initiative we put in place is strategically and intentionally designed to help further their business.

As we have grown, we’ve made a lot of promises in recruiting new agents. The way I view it, retention is proof that we deliver on our word — we’re not just talk.

We’ve built a company where people want to work and where agents can thrive and are gratified, but it extends beyond that.

It’s a testament to our continuous efforts to not only meet our agents’ initial expectations — but also to actively exceed them. Our retention symbolizes our single, most valuable achievement: the success of our agents.